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The Best Memory Cards For 4K Video

Published 5th October 2015 | Article by KingstonMemoryShop

Since the introduction of action cameras such as the GoPro Hero4, 4K video has become increasingly popular. If you need some help selecting the correct memory card for you, read on!

Can I use any type of memory card?

You should be aware that not every memory card will fit every action camera, so making sure you get the right card for your device is vital. At Kingston Memory Shop we can help you make sure you get the best one for your device with our memory finder; just select the manufacturer and model, and you will see all the available memory.

What Capacity does my memory card need to be?

Memory cards are available in a variety of capacities from 4GB all the way up to 512GB, so it is important that you think about how much memory you will need.

The amount of space you need will vary depending on the device you are filming on. The average 4K videos takes up approx 300mb per minute. So for example on a 64GB memory card, you could fit an average of 3.5 hours worth of 4K video. Please be aware that this is a guide and it will depend on your device.

What are SDHC SDXC cards?

SDHC’ applies to memory cards that are between 4GB and 32GB. These cards use a file system called FAT32.
SDXC’ applies to cards 64GB and larger; they use a file system known as exFAT.
So basically, you will not find a 64GB card that is SDHC or a 32GB card that is SDXC.

Is there any card maintenance I need to be aware of?

Your memory card doesn’t need much maintenance at all, as long as you look after it and make sure it is well protected when not in your camera. Most cards come with a little case to keep it in which protect it from dust and scratches. We just recommend formatting your memory card regularly, for more information on this, see our guide on how to format your memory card.

What are the most popular action cameras?

We have customers asking about compatible memory cards for a wide of action cameras, but these are the most common ones:

  1. GoPro Hero4
  2. GoPro Hero3+
  3. Garmin VIRB
  4. Garmin VIRB Elite
  5. Sony HDR-AS100V

At Kingston Memory Shop, we offer a ‘Buy It And Try It For 30 Days’ policy for ultimate peace of mind, so why not browse our collection now, and if you need any help you can of course contact us.

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