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Which Memory Card for the Clever Dog 960P Smart Camera - Tech Talk

Published 29th January 2018 | Article by KingstonMemoryShop | Posted in Tech Talk

Today we are going to look into the Clever Dog 960P Wifi Smart Camera and all the features it has got to offer. The Clever Dog 960p WIFI Smart Camera has many features and uses not only for whilst you are out so you can keep a check on your pets but you could use this as a baby monitor with the added feature of being able to see what is happening. 

The Clever dog has many features that could suit all users the Free Control of the 360°panoramic the camera automatically recognizes the Angle you're putting it in and records the area without any blind spots. The Clever dog smart camera allows you to access one space at a time with a click on the screen you can zoom in and out. The Built in Microphone and Speaker means you can interact with the person behind the camera. 

The Live Video that is captured on the Clever Dog can either be transmitted to your smartphone device whilst being out or alternatively you can record the footage on a Memory card so you to playback at your own convenience. Motion Detection and Smartscreen shot images, 3 Shots are taken when the motion detection sensor has gone off and sent to your smartphone via email for warning as motion has been detected. The Clever Dog Smart Camera also features ICR Infrared Filter self-switch high reduction and high reproducibility photos at 24 Hours monitoring  with real day and night surveillance. 

The Clever Dog 960P Smart Camera takes a Micro SD,SDHC and SDXC Card. The only difference between these cards are the Sizes. For this device we would recommend a High Speed Memory Card so that the memory card is able to write all the information it requires for future playback. If you would like to see all the memory cards that are compatible with this device then please press here. We would also recommend that you do get a larger capacity memory card for this device as it will require alot of capacity to store all the videos. 

This is great device bring technology more and more forward that you can watch everything at home via the internet. We have always wanted to know what happens whilst we are not there. Do Toys really come alive? Is the Dog/Cat behaving properly whilst I am not there? Is my child sleep or not? All these questions we have can now be answered with the great piece of technology. 

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