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The All New Kingston Canvas Go - Tech Talk

Published 21st February 2018 | Article by KingstonMemoryShop | Posted in Tech Talk

Kingston have recently announced a different member of the Canvas Range. The New Kingston Canvas Go. These memory card are easily identified by the blue writing or the blue and white stickers. The Memory card have been launched in the SD Range and Micro SD range. Range in different size from 32GB all the way up to 128GB. 

The Key features on the Canvas go Range is that these are designed to be used on the Go hence the name. These are ideal for filming those all important adventures or memories in 4K or 1080p Video. You can use them to capture your flight path on your drone or recording your car journey on Dash Cams. Due to the great write speed of 45mb/s the Canvas Go card is able to capture those moments at great speed not missing a second. Alternatively the memory also has brilliant read speed 90mb/s per second, so that when playing the film back it will be able to load quicker. The Kingston Canvas Range has also been built with a durability in mind these are Waterproof, shockproof and temperature proof, meaning they can withstand all adventures that is thrown at it and able to handle all capabilities including  Airport X Rays. 

If you feel that you could benefit from the Kingston Canvas Go Range. If you know which memory card it is you require if you click here and it will take you to the SD Card selection. Or if it is a Micro SD card that you require if you click here and it will take you to the range. If you are not sure which memory card it is you need then dont worry why not use our memory Selector by selecting your device. You can find this by clicking here. If you can't find your device on our memory selector you can speak to one of our agents on the Live Chat Facility by click here.

So my thoughts on the Kingston Canvas Go - I know what you are thinking- Are these much different from the Canvas select card? Well yes...These have a better Read and Write speed meaning they are able to cope with the data requirements of 4K and 1080P Videos. These have been purposely been designed for 4K Videos in mind the other difference is also the Blue writing on the front of the memory card which I quite like. Overall I think these will be a great addition to the Kingston Range. 

If you are still not sure and would you like to discuss these further then please don't hesitate to contact one of our agents on Live Chat.

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