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New Kingston Canvas React SD card - Tech Talk

Published 14th March 2018 | Article by KingstonMemoryShop | Posted in Tech Talk

Over the last few weeks Kingston have released their latest version to the Canvas Range the Kingston Canvas React. Today we are going  to look at this in the SD version and this type of memory card has to offer end consumers. The Kingston Canvas react SD card has been designed to be fast to capture all those special moments. The Kingston React SD card has a read speed of 100mb/s per second and a write speed of 70mb/s. With the fast speeds this means that the memory card has been designed for the use with 4K videos and can also be used for DSLR to capture the stunning burst mode without the worry that the memory card may have missing a single shot or action. 

The Kingston React SD range comes in many different capacities such as 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB SD cards. With a 128GB memory card this means you could store 264 Mins of 4K video (roughly 4.5 hours of video time) or alternatively you could store a massive 16,000 photos at 24mp resolution meaning you will never run out of space. The Kingston React SD card also comes with peace of mind for consumers as it has been built for durability being waterproof, shock and vibration proof and temperature proof. 

If you feel you could benefit from one the Kingston Canvas React SD card please click here. If you are not sure which memory card you require why not try our memory card selector by clicking here. Or alternatively you can speak to one of our advisors on Livechat or via email by clicking here

My overall view of the Kingston Canvas React cards is that this is a great memory card that will last the consumer a lifetime and will never go out of date due to the great read and write speeds. This memory card also comes with a Lifetime warranty giving you a great peace of mind this has been built with durability in mind. Not only is this memory card great Kingston have come up with different designs on the front of the memory card not only is it a fast card but look different than the rest. 

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