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Kingston Launch The DC400 Server SSD - Tech Talk

Published 21st October 2016 | Article by KingstonMemoryShop | Posted in Tech Talk

In August 2016, Kingston Technology Company Inc. launched the Data Centre 400 (DC 400) SSD.  This is the most recent solid state drive to add to its array of enterprise solutions.  When considering purchasing a Solid State Drive for your environment, whether it be home or personal use there is no better choice than Kingston.






What are Solid State Drives?

These Drives are the next development for PC storage.  They operate quieter, cooler and faster than the old technology.  They are also more hard-wearing and dependable than hard drives.

As well as increasing performance solid state drives will update older systems. By opting for an SSD, you will save the expense of purchasing a new PC. You will be able to revitalise the system you already possess.

SSDs fall into the classification of non-unstable storage as data is kept as a flash memory. They do not need a permanent power source. 

Why Choose Kingston’s New DC 400 Server (SSD)?

Choose Kingston 

Kingston has developed from supplying a solitary memory module into an international company. It has over 2000 products that provide for over 20,000 systems.

Reliability is the keystone of Kingston’s strategy. It employs an intensive testing system during production. This guarantees quality control.

The DC 400 Server (SSD).

This prototype offers greater IOPs for speedier operation. It also provides decreased storage dormancy for faster user times.  Increased durability ensures it will last for a longer even with demanding workloads.  

The DC400 is currently available in 480GB, 960GB, 1.6TB and 1.8TB capacities with write speeds of up to 535MB/s. They're 2.5" form factor and are supplied with a 5 year warranty for complete peace of mind. With a SATA3 interface and a low vibrating operation these ultra silent SSDs are great for a Server environment.

The DC400 is also equipped with Firmware based Pfail technology which means you also reduce the possibility of data corruption.

It’s time to celebrate the DC400 Solid State Drive which makes computing easier and more productive.  Once again Kingston has produced an outstanding product.  Why would you go anywhere else for this essential component of your computer?

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