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Kingston Launch CANVAS React PLUS Micro SD Cards

Published 18th March 2020 | Article by KingstonMemoryShop | Posted in Memory Cards

Kingston have recently announced the CANVAS React PLUS Micro SD Cards to their Micro SD card line up. These cards are the replacement for the previous generation CANVAS React (SDCR) Micro SD Cards. The biggest improvement over the previous generation is the support for BUS UHS-II interface. This means the cards can offer read and write speeds of up to 285MB/s and 165MB/s respectively.

Support for 4K/8K resolution.

With their high write speed (Up to 165MB/s) these cards are ideal for high resolution video recording without needing to worry about frame drops and are perfect for burst mode shots.

The cards are also A1 app rated for faster app launching, and bundled with a UHS-II compatible interface USB card reader which makes the cards ideal for any mobile smartphone, drone or compatible Micro SD device for easy transfer of data to and from a PC/Laptop. The UHS-II interface match between the card and card reader makes for very fast data transfer with compatible hardware.

Initial launch on these cards comes in capacities of 64GB, 128GB and 256GB with higher capacities likely to be launched further down the line.

Want to know if the new CANVAS React PLUS Micro SD cards are compatible with your device? Use our configurator here to locate your device to see all compatible upgrades.

Shop the full range of Kingston CANVAS React PLUS Micro SD cards here.

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